Environmental Sampling and  Oversight assistance for South Florida Sites when its to costly to send your staff from up north.

Our highly qualified experts will complete any task fast and reliably.

We guarantee fast and discrete handling of all your business tasks. Our team of highly qualified employees is available day and night – because your satisfaction is our highest priority.

We are a Professional Environmental Oversight and Sampling Company that assists Environmental Consultants to complete the project quickly and accurately in South Florida.  

Red Soil covers all of south Florida.  Our office is centrally located conveniently off the I-95 and I-595 intersection.  The location makes it easy for our technicians to travel to and from the job sites throughout south Florida saving you money by reducing travel time to and from the site.  

Groundwater Sampling

Red Soil uses the most advanced technology to complete the groundwater sampling activities. You will never have to worry about your samples being taken incorrectly or errors on your field notes and logs. Our software analyzes all the data to confirm that the sampling procedure and information is correct every time. This software also reduces the amount of time needed per well which will reduce the costs per sampling event.

Our staff is fully trained for collecting surface water, wastewater, groundwater samples, and for conducting field testing using the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Standard Operating Procedures for Water Sampling and Field Testing.

Core Drill & Hand Auger

Red Soil Environmental's staff have multiple years experience in conducting core drilling and hand auguring in the South Florida area.  

Many areas may be to difficult to hand auger in, Red Soil will be able to give you advice on other options if hand auguring is not possible. In areas where hand angering is viable, Red Soil's staff can complete your required activities.  

Soil Boring & Sampling Oversight

Red Soil can help you complete your soil assessment activities.  Our staff has over 19 years experience collecting and logging soil data.  Like our groundwater sampling data, the soil data is collected electronically to make sure that all of the field notes and logs are completed fully and correctly. 

Monthly System O&Ms

Our staff approximately 20 years experience in conducting O&M activities on all types of remedial systems.  Whether is just to collect influence data or change oil and filters, Red Soil can assist you with your O&M needs.

Phase I Site Visits

Red Soil can assist you with conducting site visits for Phase I's.  Just supply us with your Phase I form or we can provide one ourselves to make sure nothing is overlooked during a Phase I site visit.  Field notes, photos, and forms will be submitted to you on the same day the site visit is conducted. 

Remedial Construction Oversight

If your are looking for someone more local to oversee your remedial system installation, Red Soil Environmental can oversee all aspects from Health and Safety, Collect field notes, waste manifest, etc., to completing the final checklist with the site owner.  

Remedial System Installation

If you need a certified contractor to install your underground piping for your remedial system, Red Soil has the experience you require.  With over 19 years experience overseeing and installing all types of remedial systems, Red Soil Environmental can give you a competitive quote for the installation.  Our staff will work with you to confirm that what is installed is exactly what your are requiring.  

Source Removal Oversight

Red Soil has overseen multiple source removal excavations including dewatering and open pit sparging.  Our team can collect NPDES samples as well as keep your dewatering systems up and running while collecting soil data, waste manifest, and field notes during your excavation activities.

Technology Advanced Field Data

Red Soil uses technology to aid in the completion of field work.  All forms and field notes are produced electronically using a tablet following the FDEP’s Petroleum Restoration Program Field Notes Guidance (FieldNotesGuidance-081717).  All electronic field notes and logs are original and can not been modified after the date and time of the last entry.  This ensures that the data on your logs are accurate. 

Because the field notes and logs are geo-located and time stamped our clients know that their data is accurate and authentic.  Electronic logs and chain of custody’s make transcribing errors a thing of the past.  Our clients projects are streamlined and make reviewing the data much easier. 

Meet The Team

Our team includes personnel from throughout the world.  With their start in the Midwest US and Brazil, Mark and Michelle Aument; our owners, have a world of knowledge in environmental field, Our technicians have conducted environmental assessments through out North and South America including Hawaii, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and many parts of Brazil.  With over 20 years of experience within the state of Florida, Red Soil Environmental understands exactly what requirements the FDEP are expecting.  

The Environmental Oversight Company You Need

Red Soil Environmental has all the equipment and staff that can help your company succeed with Environmental work in South Florida.

Business Hours

Red Soil Environmental can be reached by calling 727-424-8537 at any time of the day.  

  • Mon – Fri
    • 08:00 am – 06:00 pm
  • Saturday
    • 10:00 am – 02:00 pm
  • Sunday
    • Closed

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Red Soil covers all of south Florida.  Our office is centrally located conveniently off the I-95 and I-595 intersection.  The location makes it easy for out technicians to travel to and from the job sites throughout south Florida saving you money by reducing travel time to and from the site.  

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